Excised Feelings

Passion, Emotion & A Few Words

A blank sheet lies in front of me
It wants to tell me something
It says, write on me
Dear Poet
Write on me

I know I am not a poet
In a decent standard at least
I have a poetic side
Everyone has
Not everyone knows it

The fear of embarrassment
The fear of being ridiculed
The fear of facing the fact
That I have no day job

Yet I am a poet
May be a very bad one
Still I am
I write poems
I read them
Only I read them

These poems are for me
For you and me
You, who lives inside me
Not my loved one
But that me
Who I don’t know yet


It rains
But slowly
Drops by drops
But fast
One by one
One after another
Slow procession
Yet fast
Marching down
To the mother earth
Rushing in
Through the porous soil
Getting lost
In a land unknown
Just to come back-
As rain again